There are many ways to live your life. That’s may be the most important thing you can realize in your life is that every aspect of your life is a choice…
You can choose to accept the world as it is but you don’t have to.
If there is something in the world you feel the wrong and you have a vision for what a better world could be, you can find your guiding principle and you can fight for a cause.
So after the talk I’d like you to take a little time and think about what matters to you?what you believe in? what you might fight for? – Bret Victor《Inventing on Principle》

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由于需要解析sb3文件,所以会顺手打造一些通用的小工具…简单写了一个脚本, 允许用户解压sb3文件,本地编辑之后,再重新生成sb3,之后在scratch3.0编辑器中依然能加载它. 这有什么用呢?还挺有用的,比如说我目前的一个用例: 之前保存的一些sb3项目在新的scratch3.0编辑器中打不开了(可能是新的平台不存在旧的extension),我通过移除sb3中对应的extension block就可以重新加载项目…脚本源码和使用方法在这里

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Revolution Robotics Challenge Kit: 为STEM教育注入变革的力量




  1. 类似乐高积木的结构件和控制主机(网口)
  2. 使用树莓派作为大脑,运行Linux
  3. 新手友好的APP
    • 3D视图的项目搭建引导
    • 图形化编程界面(同时显示Python代码)
    • 内置手柄、摇杆等控制器
  4. 使用蓝牙连接,方便在课堂、户外等环境中使用
  5. 爱好者们在社区中交流讨论并分享作品
  6. 以上这些全部开源!


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CodeLab 下载页

CodeLab Scratch Online(在线版,免安装) CodeLab Scratch 推荐使用Chrome/Firefox浏览器。 CodeLab Scratch Desktop(离线版) v1.3.2: Windows (Windows7 及以上) MacOS CodeLab Adapter CodeLab Adapter install 同时支持CodeLab Scratch在线版和离线版。 Scratch Link Windows MacOS Chrome Windows MacOS Python Windows MacOS Anaconda(Python) Download Anaconda Editor Mu editor Windows MacOS VS Code Download Visual Studio Code 其他 Windows serial driver(for earlier versions of Windows, (Windows 7, Vista) ) ref: How do I connect the micro:bit to my computer Download CodeLab构建的工具

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